From The Corner Of My Eye

by The City Victims

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Unreleased demo recordings.

Photo by Richard Kegler.


released April 8, 1984

Jeff Dolina: Drums
Daniel J.S. Lewis: Guitar and Vocals
Gilbert Neal: Bass, Keyboards and Vocals

Recorded at Katharine Cornell Theatre, Buffalo NY. Engineered by Tom Kostusiak.


tags: rock Buffalo


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The City Victims Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Cynical Waltz
Hello all you hypocrites and self-said kings of pain
Who look down at your beer and tell yourself "it's him again"
I guess we've all been stepped on and left out in the rain
Hello all you hypocrites and self-said kings of pain

Everybody asks at times "why is it we are here?"
The answer's in the thinking, but the thinking isn't clear
The clearness in the answer but the answer isn’t near
But everybody asks at times "why is it we are here?"

We were right
To never want to fight
But never saw the light
So let's just say goodnight

Well hallowed men, or reasonable facsimile thereof
Who still persist in thinking they were all conceived in love
Angels came descending like sermon from above
Well hallowed men, or reasonable facsimile thereof

We were wrong
I guess weren’t that strong
But we still sing our song
And never dreaming
that it could take so long
Long ago I thought I heard you say
That we were wrong
Track Name: Little Boy On Fire
Whenever I feel sad
Or rolling in the mire
I think of happy things
A little boy on fire

He lives among the ruins
He burns himself away
So very dark from endless flame
And darker every day

One day he left his trailer
To see what life was like
He took his empty canteen
And he rode his burning bike

When all the children saw him
They gawked and gasped in fear
They didn't understand
That he had been like this for years

The parents drove their cars away
With their squeaky tires
They would'nt let their children see
The litle boy on fire

He screamed "I'm only human!
I'm just like other boys
I like to play with animals
Trains and other toys"

But no one understood him
No one really could
Our hero wasn't the only one
Who's head was made of wood

But that didn't ease the pain
Tears rolled down his eyes
All the while he was on fire
The steam flew to the skies

Don't touch me, I'll only hurt you
Don't come near, I'll only cause you pain
Make me think that I am no one
Leave me standing in the pouring rain

The thing that we forget sometimes
The fact it does remain
Even boys on fire
Shouldn't go out in the rain

So if you think you hear someone
Underneath your tires
Remember that it had to be
A little boy on fire
Track Name: From The Corner Of My Eye
Track Name: Man In A Plastic Suit
Don't close your eyes to this
We must stay on our toes
They control our future shape
With surrogate embryos

Engineers stand clean and tall
Just who will watch these men?
Apathy grips us all
And we continue to pretend
That we are in control
And masters of our fate
The sound of heaven and hell
Decide before it's too late